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By operating its own workshops, NESL maintains a high level of control of critical fixtures, fittings and compounds that are used in its services. NESL is India’s only leak sealing service provider that manufactures in-house its own compounds and fittings in a modern and fully equipped workshop with its own testing and development facilities.

NESL operates two workshops:

Main workshop:

  • Located in Shaymnagar 30 Km north of Kolkata in Eastern India
  • Purpose-built machines for Helifusion repairs
  • CNC machines for manufacture of leak sealing fittings
  • Extruders, mixing mills and moulding machine for manufacture of leak sealing compounds
  • R&D facilities are shared with Nicco’s rubber cable business in an adjacent building

Secondary workshop:

  • Located in Vadodra, Gujrat in Western India close to the main petrochemical and refining hubs
  • Opened in July 2012
  • Primarily used to support the On-site machining business
  • Facilities for Helifusion and leak sealing clamp manufacture are planned shortly