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NTZ Micro Filtration System

NTZ Micro Filtration System
NESL is sole distributorship for NTZ radial microfiltration system manufactured by NTZ Nederland BV, Netherland. NTZ have designed, manufactured and marketed for over 35 years highly efficient oil filtration products. NTZ products are used by companies throughout world to achieve better performance of their equipments, minimize wastage and make significant savings on maintenance costs.
NTZ filter system range has been continuously developed to guarantee the most efficient filtration of hydraulic oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil, transmission oil, furnace oil. Highest cleanliness standard is obtained through the use of ultra effective filter media. NTZ mocrofiltration system helps you to solve your problem and put your equipment on right track.

Filtration Products and Systems

Bypass Filtration :

NTZ bypass filtration units are designed specifically for mobile application. They can be used on a wide variety of systems and fluids, including hydraulic and transmission oil. NTZ bypass filters do not require a pump and instead take a feed from the main system. There are two products in the bypass filtration range:

  • AL Series (Engines / Transmissions)
  • ALH Series (Hydraulic)

NTZ Filter Elements

At the heart of any NTZ bypass or offline filtration system is the unique micro filter elemen. This filter works according to the radial layer principle, meaning that the oil MUST pass through several hundred layers of media before being able to leave the housing. Rated at 2 micron, this highly efficient element is able to remove the smallest of contamination particles from the oil. NTZ also offer 5 micron elements is needed.

Offline Filtration

The NTZ Offline Filter System, OLFS Series, can be used with any hydraulic, lubrication or transmission system in virtually any market or industry.