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Metal Stitching

Metal stitching is a permanent repairing process for cracked, broken and fractured casting body which can’t be welded. NESL is a leader in this process.

Metal Stitching Advantages :

  • Permanent repairs of cracks and fractures.
  • In-situ repair.
  • No workpiece distortion due to cold process.
  • Restoration to more than original strength of damaged part.
  • Gas / liquid proof repair.
  • No need for extensive re-machining.
  • Low restoration time.

Application Range :

  • Mining equipment
  • Gear box housing
  • Bed plate frame
  • Cylinder heads
  • Pump casings
  • Engine block
  • Forging hammer
  • Motor legs
  • Compressor cylinder
  • Lathe/Pressbed
  • Generators
  • Loco heads
  • C. I. Equipment

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