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On Site Machining

NESL provides on site machining to Indian industries with state-of-the-art portable machine tools designed and manufactured by Furmanite International Limited,UK.

On Site Flange Facing

Flange facing is a machining process in which the faces of flanged and other types of pipe and vessel connectors are machined. Faces can be damaged due to impacts with other components at the time of construction or installation and due to corrosion or erosion caused by gasket leaks. Hub profiles, the front and rear face of heat exchangers, oval man ways, oval handholds and sealing surfaces of pressure vessels and boilers et al are machined by the flange facing process.

Flanges and connectors can be re-machined to original specifications conforming to relevant standards such as:

  • IS
  • BS
  • ANSI

Machinable flanges are:

  • Full face
  • Raised face
  • Vee groove
  • RTJ groove
  • Blind
  • Lens ring groove
  • Tube sheet face and back face
  • Square, oval and irregular shaped man way doors

Onsite Milling

Milling is used to either produce a plane surface or to cut out pockets or windows in metal structures. NSEL has a range of milling machines, which can undertake multiple flat surface machining operations.

Typical operations include:

  • Milling pump motor or generator bases and bedplates
  • Milling division plate on heat exchangers
  • Milling flat bearing surfaces
  • Milling pockets and penetrations in structures
  • Milling flat press bedplates
  • Machining flat square flanges, man ways and shaped inspection and hatch covers
  • Machining shaft keyways